Skoda Fabia

Since 2000 of release

Shkoda Fabija
# 1.1. The car description
# 2. The engine
# 3. Greasing system
# 4. The power supply system
# 5. Cooling system
# 6. System of release of the fulfilled gases
# 7. Transmission and a running gear
# 8. A steering
- 9. Brake system
   # 9.1. Pedal knot
   9.2. The vacuum amplifier
   9.3. The main brake cylinder
   9.4. A pressure regulator (on models without ABS)
   # 9.5. The brake mechanism of a forward wheel of type FS III
   # 9.6. The brake mechanism of a forward wheel of type FS II
   # 9.7. The brake mechanism of a back wheel (drum-type)
   # 9.8. The brake mechanism of a back wheel (disk)
   # 9.9. A lay brake
   # 9.10. Antiblocking system (ABS)
# 10. An electric equipment
# 11. A body
# 12. Electroschemes

9.4. A pressure regulator (on models without ABS)

Installation of a regulator of pressure on the car

1 – a pressure regulator;

2 – the lever;

3 – a nut;

4 – a bolt;

5 – a loading spring;

6 – an arm on a beam of a back suspension bracket

Details of a regulator of pressure

1, 2, 7, 10 – bolts;
3 – the lever;
4 – a loading spring;
5 – a nut;
6 – an arm on a beam back
Suspension brackets;
8 – a pressure regulator;
9 – an arm;
11 – the brake tube going to the back left brake mechanism;
12 – the brake tube going to the back right brake mechanism;
13, 14 – the brake tube going from the main cylinder

The regulator of pressure established before a beam of the back bridge, interferes with premature blocking of back wheels concerning lobbies. It allows to use more effectively brake properties of the car and to prevent possible drift of the car.

The prevention

The regulator of pressure is not subject to repair, in case of malfunction it is necessary to replace it in gathering.


On the car standing on the earth, the assistant should press sharply a brake pedal – the regulator lever should move. Otherwise the pressure regulator is faulty also it it is necessary to replace.


1. If the pressure regulator is correctly adjusted, at braking on a horizontal site of road with a firm covering forward wheels should be blocked a little before the back.
2. If back wheels are blocked before lobbies, preliminary adjustment can be executed, having weakened a loading spring 5 (Installation of a regulator of pressure fig. see the car) (for this purpose ослабьте a nut of its fastening on the lever).
3. If forward wheels are blocked much more before back – pull a spring.
4. More exact adjustment by means of special adaptations can be executed at servicing deport.


1. Establish under a regulator of pressure capacity for gathering of a brake liquid which will follow from it at removal.
2. Mark brake tubes 11–14 (fig. of the Detail of a regulator of pressure see), the pressure connected to a regulator not to mix them at installation.
3. Having turned away a fastening nut, disconnect from a regulator four brake tubes. Muffle apertures of tubes.
4. Disconnect the lever 3 regulators from a loading spring 4, having turned away a nut 5 and having taken out a bolt 2.
5. Turn away a bolt 1 with internal шестигранником and remove a regulator of pressure from an arm on a body.


1. Establish a pressure regulator upside-down.
2. After installation add a liquid in a tank and pump over brake system (subsection 9.9.6 see).
3. Adjust a pressure regulator (see above).

The inhaling moments, Нм

Bolt of fastening of a regulator of pressure
Nut of fastening of the lever of a regulator of pressure to a loading spring
Nuts of fastening of brake tubes