Skoda Fabia

Since 2000 of release

Shkoda Fabija
- 1.1. The car description
   # 1.2. Technical characteristics of cars
   1.3. Nameplate data
   1.4. Keys
   1.5. Doors
   1.6. A cowl
   1.7. A luggage carrier
   1.8. Adjustment of seats
   1.9. Increase in capacity of a luggage carrier
   1.10. Seat belts
   # 1.11. Pillows of safety of system Airbag
   1.12. Safety of children
   1.13. Car refuelling
   1.14. Fuel
   1.15. Controls
   1.16. A combination of devices
   1.17. The block of control lamps
   1.18. The gear change lever
   1.19. The lever of a lay brake
   1.20. Adjustment of a steering column
   1.21. The switch (lock) of ignition
   1.22. The podrulevoj switch
   1.23. Illumination of devices
   1.24. The proof-reader of headlights
   1.25. The central switch
   1.26. Прикуриватель
   1.27. An ashtray
   1.28. Ware boxes
   1.29. The alarm system
   1.30. Heating of forward seats
   1.31. Heating of back glass
   1.32. The switch антипробуксовочной systems (ASR)
   1.33. Ventilation and salon heating
   1.34. The conditioner
   1.35. Rear-view mirrors
   1.36. Стеклоподъемники with the electric drive
   1.37. Sun-protection peaks
   1.38. The hatch in a roof with the electric drive
   1.39. A sdvizhnaja roof with the electric drive
   1.40. Salon illumination
   1.41. A luggage carrier on a roof
   1.42. The Tjagovo-drawbar
   1.43. Обкатка the car
   1.44. Engine start-up
   1.45. An engine stop
   1.46. Start-up of the engine from an external source
   1.47. Start-up of the engine by towage
   1.48. Car towage
   1.49. A car raising
   # 1.50. Wheels and tyres
   1.51. Cleaners and washers of glasses
   1.52. The storage battery
   1.53. Care of the car
   1.54. The service book
# 2. The engine
# 3. Greasing system
# 4. The power supply system
# 5. Cooling system
# 6. System of release of the fulfilled gases
# 7. Transmission and a running gear
# 8. A steering
# 9. Brake system
# 10. An electric equipment
# 11. A body
# 12. Electroschemes

1.49. A car raising

Arrangement подштамповок on thresholds in jack installation sites

1 – подштамповка;

2 – a threshold

Jack installation sites

Jack installation sites are shown by arrows.

Raising of the car a jack

1 – a jack;

2 – the bottom basic platform;

3 – the top platform;

4 – a threshold;

And – подштамповка in a jack installation site

The prevention

It is forbidden to work with the car established only on a jack. Always enclose under the car steady support. On a soft ground place under the bottom platform of a jack an additional support, for example a board.

Establish a jack only in the places noted on thresholds подштамповками 1 (the Arrangement подштамповок fig. see thresholds in jack installation sites). Jack Installation sites are shown by arrows on fig. of the Installation site of a jack.
1. Include the first transfer and put persistent бруски under forward wheels if you lift a back part of the car. At lifting of a forward part brake the car a lay brake and establish persistent бруски under back wheels.
2. Establish the bottom basic platform 2 (fig. the Raising of the car a jack see) jack on a horizontal site of road.
3. Turning the handle of a jack 1, bring the top platform 3 jacks under a threshold 4. Thus the vertical part of a platform 3 jacks should adjoin closely to a threshold 4.
4. Be convinced that the bottom basic platform 2 jacks is precisely under the top platform 3.
5. Turning the jack handle, cautiously lift the car.
6. If work under the car is supposed, establish it on basic racks.